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I began strength training with Dave Horner on May 9, 2011. Winter was fresh in my mind as a harsh season. I had lost weight, was often cold, had pain in my legs and arms and lost muscle. My physician recommended strength training. I didn’t have a plan but God did. On a warm spring day, Dave was standing outside his shop. I “happened” to be next door and recognized him as I was leaving. Dave invited me inside his shop to see his newest training area. I explained how rough the winter had been for me. He offered me several free training sessions. I agreed. The journey began with a desire to just get feeling better. After several weeks of training on Monday and Friday, I had two goals, hope was building. The weather was warm.
“I want strength for when I become a grandmother and I want to be strong enough to go on a missions trip.”

Dave also had a plan. He is teaching me different exercises, some with weights, some without. I feel safe having a personal trainer to help me, to keep me from injury. He encourages me to press on, sometimes with a word of scripture and often with words like “good job.” I’ve turned a corner now and have new strength rising within me. A miracle! I can sit more comfortably, stand longer, and have more endurance. I would say there is less pain in my legs and arms too. Dave has a passion for helping people. God has gifted him with physical strength, intuition as far as interacting with people, and humility - a nice combination. 
Dave has more plans for my physical development. He can see a potential that I cannot see. You may want physical strength too. Maybe, like me, you have reached the age of 60 and thought that you could not regain strength. Maybe, you need a bit of training to help you through a rough spot, or training to recover from an injury. If so, I would recommend Dave Horner as a certified personal trainer and as a Christian brother. Thanks for the encouragement and a job well done, Dave. I am continuing with the personal training journey. 
By the way, my daughter and her husband are expecting their first child next spring, and this summer I served on two missions trips. Personal strength training can help you reach your own goals and dreams. 

Eileen Overman Smith
“Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the LORD.” Psalm 31:24NC

Dave Horner has changed my life.  I can tell you that his positive attitude, his approach, and knowledge of fitness are second to none.  I have lost 20 pounds and no longer need multiple prescription drugs.  I feel Great!  Everyday I wake up with more energy, a better perspective of life, and a desire to be healthier.  I’ve learned from Dave being healthy is a journey.  On this journey, I would want no other mentor but Dave.  I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished together and he will be a life long friend.   Everybody has different reasons to get healthy.  Luckily, I had a choice on my decision.    Whatever your ambitions or reasons for reading this testimony, I’ll tell you to take the leap of faith.  It’s been one of the best decisions for me and my family! 

-Travis Oates, Lake Lure NC

As a highly competitive runner, I came to Dave while injured looking to build strength during my time off. My goal was to be stronger, as the competitive season I was about to embark on required ascending & descending mountains in races 12 kilometers to 26.2 miles in length. In 2007 I was the National Trail Marathon Champion, & my goal was to win again in 2009 in Ashland, OR. In a highly competitive field, I placed 3rd overall. The race climbed 3700’ in the first 8 miles. Thanks to Dave, he provided me with the base strength work I needed to prepare my body for this race. I've been pushed by many coaches and trainers in my 20 years of running, but having Dave with me in the gym brought my strength to a new level. Many strength coaches & personal trainers I've worked with missed strengthening the core, but Dave knew what goals I had in mind and helped me work towards those goals by individualizing my program. I knew what I was doing was not the same routine of his next client. Dave's personalized approach impressed me. What also impressed me was how quickly I saw results. I put up weight in exercises I never would have attempted in the past. Point being, Dave knows how to make things happen. He is non-intimidating, and very supportive. Everyone I know that knows Dave personally has nothing but great things to say about him as a person. I highly recommend Dave to anyone looking to make a change in their life, whether it be losing weight, toning muscle, or building strength, Dave will get it done.
-Aaron Saft
Age 32
Running Retail Store Owner (Foot Rx Running, Asheville)
Road, Trail, & Mountain Runner

Dave Horner is an outstanding athlete and a highly regarded personal trainer.  During my tenure as Exec. Director of the Lelia Patterson Center,  I had the pleasure of working with Dave and observing his activities with clients.  Dave always demonstrated professionalism and  a willingness to go the extra mile for his clients.  Many of Dave's clients achieved impressive results.  I would highly recommend Dave as a professional and am honored to call him a friend. 

-Jim Wallace
Former Exec. Director, Lelia Patterson Center
Fletcher, NC

Having never been to  a personal trainer, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  My biggest fear was a pushy or intimidating trainer or someone that would make me feel self conscious.  Dave was professional and I felt at ease almost immediately.  Fast forward a year:  I am now in the best shape of my life, I’ve lost almost 100 pounds and will never go back to the old couch potato I use to be.  Although the determination to get healthy was my choice, Dave played a large role in guiding me and keeping me motivated.  Thanks a million Dave, I couldn’t have done it without you!

-Robert Crummie
Manager, Dogwood Retirement Home
Hendersonville, NC

As the Fitness Director for the Lelia Patterson Center, I hired Mr. Horner back in 2004 to work for our facility as a Personal Fitness Trainer.
Based on my experience with David throughout the 5 years that I supervised his work, I would highly recommend him for any position in which
his training skills would be suited. 

David not only proved his skills in the area of fitness but he was also a great all around asset to our work force. David demonstrated the highest levels
of professionalism at all times, and would often go above and beyond the call of duty in order to insure a client’s satisfaction and program success. 

As a decorated athlete himself, David was able to set a high standard of success for both his clients as well as our facility. 

-Dixie Perez, CPT, CSN
Former Director for LPC Fitness

I was inspired to become stronger with Dave's friendly, yet firm guidance, pushing me to levels of strength that I frankly did not think possible. 
“Do two more… do three more!”  was his mantra.  Just when I was at my self-perceived limit… he kept me trying for more.  And I grew stronger as a result! 
Dave walks the talk!  He will not ask of me what he is not able to do himself!  And he sets a good example for physical fitness.  While I will never attempt his Badwater experience, I’m able to consider doing things physically that I previously thought impossible!

-Carl E. Shaw, CPA, PLLC
Hendersonville, NC 
Age 53

Dave has been working with me for over three years.  I am a busy professional and Dave has provided the program to keep me healthy and strong.   He understands anatomy, mechanicsthe muscle physiology of the human body better than most physicians and physical therapists.  He knows how to help you avoid injury and also is excellent at working around injuries and giving you exercises to heal your injuries.  You will gain both strength and endurance. 

Dave stands head and shoulders above any trainer I have ever met.  The difference between Dave and other trainers is like comparing a work of Michelangelo to that of a first year art student.   I promise you he will make a positive difference in your life that other trainers cannot equal. 

Furthermore, Dave is a walking example of integrity in action.  I have watched him closely in his interactions and he is always respectful of his fellow man.  He has a good spirit and generous heart. You can count on him to come through every time. 

-William Simons, MD - Park Ridge Medical Assoc
Age 63.

One of Dave's greatest strengths as a trainer is his ability to effectively motivate.  Not only is he well informed regarding matters of physical fitness, he knows just how hard to push in order to acheive maximum results while still keeping workouts fresh.  We've known Dave for years and can wholeheartedly say he's the "real deal"!"

-David and Alison Hamrick
Tryon, NC

In my 30’s I had a series of injuries to my shoulder as well as a bad tear of my hamstring.  With these injuries it became increasingly harder to work out.  This not only robbed me of the physicality that I had spent my life forging but also robbed me of my emotional connection with working out.  When I met with Dave he started me on a path of rebuilding my weak links.  After getting me strong enough to really start working out with some intensity Dave brought back a level of strength I thought was gone forever. I am now enjoying soccer and lifting on a regular basis without discomfort.  It is with the highest level of enthusiasm that I recommend Dave to anyone trying to improve their conditioning and quality of life.  As a former personal trainer I must admit that I learned more in one summer with Dave than I did throughout my  entire formal education as a trainer.  Thanks be to Dave.

-Scott Socha
Age 38
Profession  Pedorthist/running store owner (Foot Rx Running, Asheville)
High school Varsity wrestling and soccer
College Soccer
2 years professional rickshaw runner
Degree in Exercise Science
AFAA certification Personal Training

Dave Horner has been an inspiration to me since December 2009. The workout program he has given me has help my knees, which were severely painful - my body has taken a new turn with energy. What I 'm able to accomplished during the day is amazing, this has happened because he has targeted the areas that I needed. His constant motivation to me is just great!

He is professional, kind and considerate. I will continue to work with Dave for a long time to come.

-Jeanier Howard
Fletcher, NC

I am in my 60's and have never been an avid exercise enthusiast.  I met Dave through my husband, who began working out under Dave's tutelage three years ago.  After listening to my husband rave about Dave's techniques, I decided to try it  myself.  I especially appreciated Dave's willingness to work around trouble spots with me, coming up with alternative exercises/weight equipment to get the same results through a different course of action..  Dave is also a great motivator without coming across as a dictator, which would never work with my temperament.  He is able to assess his clients -- both psychologically and physically -- and determines what is right for that individual.  As a result of working out with Dave, I lost weight, reduced my blood pressure and my cholesterol numbers.

-Sandi Pauli
Age 60's

Dave Horner rescued me from being a couch potato!  His well-rounded exercise program not only inspired me to get into shape, but also helped me shed 20 unwanted and un-needed pounds.  I especially like the fact that Dave tailors his exercise program to fit an individual's needs and physical condition.  While not a task master, Dave makes certain that you work to your limits and then proves to you that you can go that little bit extra to improve and move forward in your quest for a healthy body and healthy lifestyle.  Using the program Dave developed for me, I now work out three - four times a week and I am feeling the best I have in years. 

-Bill Pauli
Age 71

Dave Horner is an excellent personal trainer. I had watched him a while ago training a variety of clients at the Lelia Patterson Center, and I have never seen such a passionate trainer. No matter what stage of fitness a person is in Dave is always diligent in helping them accomplish a goal. Seeing the results people were receiving, I decided to ask a couple questions on how I could become stronger; he gladly gave me some valuable tips that I put into practice. A couple weeks later he worked with me and my buddy to achieve our goal of getting bigger. He is one of the most motivating people I have ever met. He helped push me to a limit I didn’t know I had. I have been working out for about a month and a half on his program and my body weight has gone up nearly ten pounds and my lifting has increased substantially. Thanks Dave for all your help and pushing me to achieve!

-Michael Weis
Age 18
Fletcher Acadamy

Dave Horner may be the most motivating individual I have ever met. He always pushes my limits and encourages me to do more than I ever thought possible. In just two months of working with him on a strength building program, my body weight has increased by 20 pounds and my max bench press has jumped 30 pounds! In addition to being an outstanding personal trainer, I also consider him a good friend. His encouragement makes training with him that much more enjoyable. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone.

-Jimmy Bunch
Age 17 
Fletcher Acadamy

As a collegiate wrestler in one of the toughest wrestling conferences in the United States I knew what “working hard” and “being in great shape” was all about.  Fitness is a lifestyle choice and I soon learned how much of a choice it really was.  After graduating from college in the best shape of my life, “life happened” and other priorities took over my life.  In a few short years I was 50 lbs. heavier and completely out of shape.  Dave’s personality, knowledge, and genuine desire to help people have a better way of life, has re-ignited a passion in me to get back in shape.  He is a great motivator who understands the importance of believing in yourself, and he works very hard to bring that belief out of you in every workout.  To-date I have lost almost 30 lbs. and am re-committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Barry Jackson
Business Owner
Assistant High School Wrestling Coach

During a yearly health check up with my physician at Johns Hopkins, he emphasized the value of physical exercise, not only for me but for most people.  This is when I seriously began to think of exercise for myself.  Having heard from reliable sources about David Horner, and the good job he does in this field.  After an appointment and consultation in my home with Dave I signed up with him for my personal physical trainer.  He agreed to come to my home - a convenience to me.

It did not take many work out sessions with Dave until I began to see the value of my physicians advice.  A great improvement in the way I felt.  I could actually feel an improvement in my memory, along with more energy, and a feeling of well being in general.

I cannot say enough good things about Dave Horner and the outstanding job he does in his field of expertise.  It is very important that you know the proper way to do various exercises.  Doing an exercise slightly incorrectly can cause a problem instead of being of value.  Dave is gentle as well as safe and courteous.

At age 84 I can sincerely suggest any person to try Dave.

-Nell Jones
Age 84


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